About BlackGirlFly

BlackGirlFly is a travel group of 5,000 melanin covered, amazing, globe trotting women. The group began in June of 2015 and has since grown into a movement, a sisterhood and it all began because of common passion: TRAVELING!

Gabrielle Victoria founded BlackGirlFly as a means to share her personal journey around the world but found that she wanted to not just share her travels, but she felt a desire to share the opportunity of travel and to create a network of women who had the same interest. The rest is history!

In October 2015, BlackGirlFly took their first group trip to Morocco and has since booked up 2016! The goal of every BGF trip is to immerse in the various cultures of the world. We find it necessary to stay open minded to the experiences that await us in each destination. We aren’t just traveling to chill on the beach! We want to see the reality, the parts that are beautiful as well as the parts that are meant to teach our souls a lesson. We travel together as a family, we live in condos for a week. We learn to cook, we learn to dance, we visit co-ops, we laugh, we conquer fears, and so much more but the best part is that we do it all together. This is BlackGirlFly.