BGF x June 2017 x Cartagena 2.0

Originally we were going to go to Greece but with it being peak season for travel in Europe, we felt the price tag along with the flight itself made the trip out of reach for many of our members. I didn’t want that and neither did the BGF staff. I like to keep things balanced. If the flight is expensive, lets try to keep accommodations reasonable yet maintain our standards. If the flight is reasonable, we can find more plush accommodations and tours. So I removed Greece, for now. Greece isn’t going anywhere. So now what?!

My birthday is in June.

BlackGirlFly turns 2 years only in June

We will party, swim, dance, drink and enjoy the afro-colombian experience, the nightlife, the food and the beauty of Cartagena, Colombia!

Price: $785

Dates: June 28th – July 3rd 2017

Spots available: 7

Deposit: $350 with monthly or bi weekly installments (arrangements can be made, simply email me).

Lodging: private house rental

Where should you fly out of: I recommend Florida, flights are always low! (like under $400)

Included tour:

Private island day excursion to Playa Blanca and Baru Island Day Trip


Blackgirlfly trips are GROUP trips with the sole purpose being to travel as a group of black women with the intent to learn, explore, have fun, and interact with one another. These are not all inclusive trips. These are not solo trips. Please keep that in mind. Itineraries are decided as a group based on genuine interest and participants unless otherwise stated.

Deposits are accepted Monday October 3rd 2017. Please EMAIL

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