Black Girls Glamp! A 2017 Meetup

March 17th-20th 2017

22 spots open

Lodging style – Luxury camp tents

Location – Tennessee!

Cost – there are two options, although the tents are shared, some come with bigger beds. For a queen bed for the entire weekend, the price is $425. For a standard twin style bed, the price is $275.

There are only EIGHT queen beds available.

How to reserve your space – email with your bed preference in the subject. Invoices expire within 24 hours if left unpaid and the spot is released.

Keep in mind, this is glamorous but we are still camping. Exact details will be given to those who are attending. Let’s camp in style ladies!

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BlackGirlFly will be renting the entire luxury glampsite for this weekend. And yes, we still have wifi.

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