BlackGirlFly is Fundraising!

Hey ladies of BlackGirlFly (and supporters of us), we have have had an extremely busy, productive, amazing two years since we’ve began our journey. What started as a small and intimate group of 10 members has ballooned to over 13,300+ members!!! Can you believe it?!?! All I can say is OH MY GOSHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am so honored, so humble and so thankful to you all for your loyalty, your support, your crazy travel stories and your trust for allowing me the opportunity to lead you around the world. You ladies have been my rock, my saving grace and my village.

As with any business that has grown, it’s time that we do some inside maintenance. We need to tighten up some things as well as implement some new hires to handle the website, blogging (finally, but we have to hire writers!), a marketing team and some legal structures need to be implemented. I, Gabrielle Victoria, take the role as your fearless leader with pride but pride is what allowed Rome to fall – and BlackGirlFly isn’t Rome and we damn sure won’t fail. It’s time to raise some funds. I’ve handled 100% of it on my own for the last two years but it’s time to reach out to the village for some assistance. A cause, a community without support is a one way street and I don’t think that I have that type of village. I believe you ladies not only believe in the mission but support it. I know many of you log into the group just to see our crazy after dark travel stories, you await for the next trip to drop, you look forward to the stateside events as a chance to meet and hangout. Now, BlackGirlFly needs her village. Any donation is greatly appreciated. We need around $5,000 so that I can do the necessary upgrades as a business but I’m starting at $3,000. Please share the link, donate and share some more!

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Gabrielle Victoria, Founder

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