The Ivy Boutique Experience in Chicago

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As much as I like to appear as if I am an ongoing, nonstop machine. I need rest and if it’s luxurious, sign me up please! This weekend, I took the opportunity to unwind by visiting Chicago. I needed a break from my daily life in Ohio and was CRAVING the big city. Any big city really, but Chicago was closer. I looked at my usual choices for lodging, which is my reliable Airbnb, but something made me look at The Ivy Boutique. All it took was one look and I was sold. It was so posh, so modern, so sleek and the luxury!?! YUM. I had my choice of either a Queen Studio or a King Suite and picked the studio for my two day getaway. I’ve seen the pictures but I wasn’t prepared for how amazing this place really was.

Located right on the Magnificent Mile, The Ivy gives you luxury as well as exclusivity. With only 63 guest rooms and four to each floor, the privacy is unmatched. You get an idea of how serious privacy is to this brand when you have to use your room key to operate the elevator. I’ll admit, it took me awhile to realize that I wasn’t moving. Are you judging me? It was a long drive! Before I get into the details, allow me to acknowledge how amazing the staff were at my arrival. A few details were left out during my booking process and although they couldn’t rectify it immediately, their empathy was truly genuine. I appreciate that they okayed transactions with me before going through with it. It’s truly the little gestures that make a price truly worth it. You can honestly sleep anywhere, but you can’t get a great experience everywhere. The Ivy Boutique gave my guest and I an amazing experience.

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But once I figured the elevator out, I stepped into one of the best hotel rooms I’ve ever experienced. The platform bed is layered with 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets that you just sink into. Dark bamboo flooring with a matching sink, separate rainfall shower, flat screen television, and automatic draperies. The bar came fully stocked with Don Julio, wine, snacks, and Grey Goose. A separate closet offered you shower shoes and a plush bathrobe.

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But let us discuss the shower. I have a deep, undying love for rainforest showers. I seek them out whenever I travel and I’ve only lucked up a handful of times. The Ivy’s Queen Studio didn’t come with the deep tub option (although the King Suite does) but the shower was an experience in itself. It was enough room for two people with pressure specific settings. I have a horrible ankle, so having the option to use the removable shower head as a hydro massage for my ankle was amazing. I melted. I swooned and I took a shower the moment I arrived. It was heavenly.
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Averaging about $130.00 a night for the Queen Studio with a daily wifi fee of $9 and parking totaling $52 per night, things can add up but it’s totally worth it. I plan to visit this summer so that I can experience the SkyTerrace. Give the Ivy Boutique Chicago a chance if you’re in town. You can’t beat the luxury, the price nor the location.

FYI:Since I couldn’t check out their terrace, check out this video! 

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